Independent Reading

In independent (self-selected) reading with emergent students we need to make sure that they have access to a range of books that can be read in one sitting and which include their areas of interest.  All emergent students need opportunities to:

  1. Independently browse books
  2. Choose a book and have an adult read it with them as a shared reading

You can use printed books or eBooks.  Most of all, we want books that will engage the student and that they will be interested in reading repeatedly.  Make sure you have a range of books – many students are interested in non-fiction topics, not just standard picture books.

For some students to go hands-on with books, you’ll need to access or make some durable books e.g. printing off books and laminating, then binding with cable ties.

For ideas for texts, curating those texts and creating libraries, both electronic and printed, see the links and resources below.

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