Writing from Adults

As part of learning about what it means to be a writer, emergent writers need to see adults writing for real reasons.

A good example of this is morning message – where the teacher writes a short note to the class in the morning, writing in front of them and giving them some information about the coming day e.g. “Dear Class, today we will have a visitor. His name is John. From Jane”. And before we talk more about morning message, please note that writing from adults can include writing anything else that is appropriate to model for the students too – lists of things to remember, notes to people, etc.

Photo from Malkara Specialist School

The article linked to below provides 10 guidelines for supporting effective implementation of morning message. These are included in the handout below.

Item 7 above mentions doing print referencing as part of morning message. I’ve prepared a handout for this that you can download below.

Other Resources

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